We all intuitively know that our ‘Wellbeing’ is an outcome of multiple factors like what we eat, how much physical activity we have, how we feel or how our mind perceives any stimuli or how good our relationships are.

Usually trainings/ discussions are based on generally one or two of the themes with inputs from sources like the internet, apps like fit bit etc. The wellbeing modules are designed to bring together all the facets and facilitate growth.


The word “ Attraversiamo” draws inspiration from the Italian word ‘Let’s cross over” which integrates knowledge with simple skills and practices for self sustained progress and evolution leading to the experience of success for every individual. These sessions are custom designed for an individual.


Physical – How fit do you feel

Emotional and Mental- Can you manage your emotions and thought processes

Occupational– How productive are you

Financial– How valued are you

Social– How connected are you

Environment– how connected are you to nature

Intellectual– What are the new abilities

Spiritual- How well do you understand yourself



    Live Life

    ‘Live Life’ is an effort to bring diverse elements of wellbeing under one umbrella for a group of people like Corporates, employees.

    To simplify we bring together 3 Main themes

    1. My body ( Aharam)
    2. My life ( Viharam)
    3. My mind ( Chinta )

    The ‘Live Life’team believes that only a perfect blend of all the elements will leave a lasting impact on the Wellbeing of an individual.

    This custom designed program holds a lot of benefits for the participants

    • Discovering the body types and enjoying nutrition with joy..

    Develop self awareness  and understanding the role of belief systems and value systems and how they are formed.

    • Working with the process of change to create new habits and strengthen.
    • Being aware of their current self-image to map a positive self image.
    • Understanding emotions and balancing them with techniques.
    • Understanding the financial architecture they have inherited to creating a new secure one
    • Improve interpersonal relationships.
    • Identify strengths and manage weaknesses.
    • Make strong connections between mind and body.
    • Understand and handle lifestyle in a sustainable way.
    • Feeling purposeful in life to manifest health.


    In life people find themselves at cross roads and they need a little bit of assistance to see life as it is. This assistance helps them identify and recognize the possibilities, so they make a well thought through and informed decision to where they want to go. Deepa Jagan facilitates this process

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